Asset selection/Transaction consulting

As a part of this service we won’t act as a real estate agent but as a consultant. Through another company of our group we also hold a real estate agent license, but our asset and transaction advisory practice has nothing to do with the activities of a broker. As part of our investment advisory we help you define whether, to what extent and by what criteria you as an individual or as an institutional investor should invest in real estate at all. As a cornerstone of our consulting services for asset transactions we represent your interests before any individuals and companies involved in the transaction, such as the seller, the broker, the notary, an engineering firm for a technical examination of the building purchased, etc. We only work for you.  A broker must conclude an acquisition or sale for him to be able to earn a commission, however as your consultant, we are only interested in whether a purchase or sale is meaningful to you and that a transaction is aligned with your interests.

In particular our  consulting services involve the following activities:

Advice on defining your  investment requirements and on determining your risk-return profile:    

  • Choosing the right real estate category in your investment needs / strategic planning of the portfolio structure (investment objectives, risk profiles, use of the properties, regional distribution, investment period / exit strategy)
  • Participation in the legal form and tax conception of property holding companies

Advice when buying property:

  • Identification of appropriate  properties, creation of investment templates with pre-assessment and assessment of real estate quality and location
  • Participation in the formulation of a “letter of intent” and negotiating the specific due diligence procedures
  • Control and coordination of due diligence (lawyers, accountants, consultants), evaluation of due diligence results with final conclusions for an investment recommendation
  • Negotiations of acquisition prices and other  terms of the acquisition contract (e. g. rent guarantees, warranties, rights of withdrawal, etc.)
  • Negotiations of notarial contracts in collaboration with legal consultants and notaries

Advice on selling real estate property:

  • Advising on portfolio changes or property disposals until transactions have been closed successfully
  • Planning the sales strategy and negotiating with partnering brokers
  • Preparation of all documents for the due diligence of prospective buyers, optionally archiving all data in a data center
  • Participation in on-site inspections and sales meetings
  • Negotiation of purchase terms until the conclusion of sales contracts
  • Handover of the property and the related documents after  payment of purchase price

Coordination of all professionals and organizations involved in these processes:   

  • Management representatives of the investors
  • Auditors / Accountants
  • Lawyers
  • Engineering offices
  • Broker
  • Notaries
  • Banks