Asset Management

As asset management, we understand the professional control and management of a real estate portfolio. This service goes well beyond  property management or real estate administration.

As key priorities of asset management activities, the following are mentioned:

Control the strategic direction of the real estate investment    

  • The monitoring and development of the investment criteria / strategies of a portfolio
  • The establishment of medium-to long-term targets for individual properties in terms of their value and yield performance
  • Establishing and supervising strategic partners for managing a real estate portfolio, such as property management, tax advice, legal advice, technical advice, etc.
  • Comprehensive owner representation to outsiders, either as part of a power of legal representation or by taking over the management of property holding companies

Organization of property management

  • Selection, management and monitoring of property management and financial accounting
  • Creation and ongoing adjustment of business plans
  • Reporting to management or other organs of the investors
  • Delivery of reports to banks

Identify financing sources and obtain financing

  • Establish contacts with appropriate banks and other financial partners
  • Preparation and compilation of the relevant information for the bank analysts
  • Negotiation on the concrete financing terms
  • Advice on the design of the loan agreement, possibly in cooperation with legal advisers

Participation in the appraisal of real estate:    

  • Prepare all documentation for assessment
  • On-site inspections
  • Explanation and discussion of valuation-relevant data and assumptions underlying the valuation with participating partners